Technology Care Insurance

Technology Systems Need Insurance Too!

Did you know MPA Networks made history with the invention of Technology Care Insurance?

Health care insurance is for people and it certainly provides value or no one would buy it. The utility and efficiency of health care insurance is obvious, at least for those who have a medical care budget in the first place.

A while back we asked ourselves a simple question – why shouldn’t there be technology care insurance for technology systems?

Insurance policies are typically a win for you, a win for the insurance underwriter and a win for the service provider. Win/Win/Win or “WWW” as we call it here at MPA Networks.

"…insurance should be classed among the most beneficent and public-spirited devices which the mind of man ever conceived"

-Lalor, Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States

Benefits of Technology Care Insurance

Insurance may lower your IT expenses below where it would cost you to engage Bill-By-The Hour Service delivery or Managed Services delivery. Insurance may increase service delivery efficiency. Insurance certainly avoids nasty financial surprises. When you need help, just like health care insurance, technology service will be available to you at no charge or for a limited fee.

MPA is at your service to write you a policy customized for your organization’s needs. The policy may include features such as deductable, co-payments, capitation, and other traditional insurance industry business methods. 

Licensing inquiries considered. Please contact us if you would like more information about Technology Care Insurance.

From our clients ...

“In desperation we called MPA in...Your people worked around the clock for days and got us back up. You pieced together most of our data. You rebuilt the server from scratch. You set it up perfectly so I could take care of it. You hung in there to work out the bugs. You pointed out that we needed a second server to balance the load. And you were right -- we have had very little downtime since then.”

Debbi Harman, Office Manager
Boston Scientific Quanam







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