Sullwold & Hughes

Small Law Firm Opening: Secrecy and Champagne

The Problem:

Sullwold and Hughes came to MPA with a challenge.  These two corporate attorneys had decided to leave their national law firm and set up their own shingle in San Francisco.
  • Sullwold and Hughes required a legal IT environment that was more productive and less expensive than that of the national firm they were leaving.
  • The IT systems had to be working perfectly in new office space on the Friday night the attorneys planned to give notice.
  • Here’s the kicker – the entire project had to be done in secret!

Solution and Benefits:

  • MPA Networks understood the need for secrecy.
  • Many MPA clients are small firms who have exited from larger organizations.  Secrecy must be maintained until the moment the business is officially opened.
  • Generally, these firms require a perfectly operational environment on the day and hour that notice is given, so they can attract and retain as many of their former clients as possible.
  • A small firm can provide the same services as a large organization, as long as the IT environment supports this and does it from day one.
  • The network project was designed via secret meetings in the back rooms of restaurants.  When it came time for opening day, the rollout of Sullwold & Hughes was successful.  Champagne bottles were popped.  And ever since that day, Sullwold and Hughes have been clients of MPA Networks.

From our clients ...

"How a business treats its small customers is often a better measure of its service than how it treats its big customers. I'm sure that Sullwold & Hughes is one of MPA's smallest customers, but we have been treated as if we were one of its most valued.  MPA has always responded to our needs promptly and in a cost-efficient manner. And although we probably ask more questions per capita than other clients, MPA has cheerfully answered them all.

Of course, MPA's work has been top-notch technically as well. They have not insisted on providing a “cookie-cutter” solution based on what has worked with their other clients. Rather, they have candidly discussed potential alternatives, based on our circumstances and technology budget. We have relied on their hardware and software recommendations, and we haven't been disappointed yet."

Jim Hughes, esq.
Sullwold & Hughes  (two attorney law firm)