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IT and Business Productivity

Technology should support productivity, not hinder it.

MPA Networks is a leading authority on how businesses may increase productivity and performance with superior IT. All too often, sub-standard IT systems and poor maintenance get in the way of business output. Downtime as a result of IT failures and glitches is a familiar story in many offices, and a huge drain on resources and productivity. One day of downtime can cost many businesses thousands of dollars, if not more, in lost output! These kinds of disasters may often be avoided through better IT practices.

MPA manages the overall health of a client’s network 24/7, ensuring each and every technology maintains its best possible condition. Through constant, expert monitoring, downtime and IT failure is drastically lessened or avoided entirely. Network monitoring is included in the Reliable Networks Managed Services Program.

It is our pledge to help each client increase their business productivity using superior and reliable IT systems.

MPA has been serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula for over 30 years. Take a look at some key milestones within the IT industry over the last 30 years and MPA's involvement, on our 30 Year Anniversary Timeline.

ROI-Focused IT

MPA's managed services focus on maximizing your long-term computer benefits and minimizing your cost. This radical approach keeps our client's Return on Investment (ROI) considerably above average. Why is this approach so radical? The reason is because almost all computer technicians in the world focus on technology, not on ROI. Most computer experts got into the profession because they enjoy working with computer hardware and software, not because they want to focus on what’s best for your ROI. Does your current technology advisor provide tech-focused technology advice or ROI focused technology advice.

From our clients ...

“In desperation we called MPA in...Your people worked around the clock for days and got us back up. You pieced together most of our data. You rebuilt the server from scratch. You set it up perfectly so I could take care of it. You hung in there to work out the bugs. You pointed out that we needed a second server to balance the load. And you were right -- we have had very little downtime since then.”

Debbi Harman, Office Manager
Boston Scientific Quanam





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