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Enterprise-quality Email risk management for Small and Medium sized businesses

Level One: Email Security

MPA has partnered with Mimecast Email Security to provide our clients with the most comprehensive, cloud-based email risk mitigation available in the market today – that’s why they were critically acclaimed by Gartner and CRN as Security Vendor of the Year.

The basic package provides protection from spam, viruses, malware, phishing, and data leaks.


Mimecase Email Security Features:                                          

  • You don’t have to leave Outlook to manage your E-Mail!
  • You have direct access to Quarantine, Block and Allow lists from within Outlook
  • You can report spam and block spam directly from your inbox
  • Zero-day threat protection (protects against viruses that have not been seen previously, the most dangerous kind) with ZHARA (Zero Hour Adaptive Risk Assessor)
  • Inbound and outbound Email protection.
  • Malware, anti-virus and phishing detection.
  • Directory harvest attack and DDoS (Denial of Service) attack protection.
  • Built-in Data Leak Protection and Email encryption to protect sensitive data.
  • A service guarantee (Service Level Agreement or SLA)
  • Anti-Spam service features a 98% protection rate and 0.0001% false positive rate SLA


Level Two: Unified Email Management (UEM) Express:

Hybrid Cloud Email Continuity, better than Cloud Email and better than in-house Email, can be added to your Level One services package. 

Email Continuity keeps you and your team working during Email server outages!   The system is backed by a 100% service availability SLA.

Mimecast Email Continuity delivers always-on, seamless Email availability through automatic service failover and failback in near real-time during an Email outage. It integrates so seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook that you may not notice when a planned or unplanned server outage occurs.  Your mail keeps flowing inside and outside your company! 


Level Three: Unified Email Management (UEM) Enterprise includes:

Email Archiving can be added to your Level Two services package.  Email Archiving provides ‘bottomless’ mailboxes, Outlook integration, real-time searches, complete security and audit trails for Email compliance.

Email Archiving cuts the cost and complexity of secure, accessible email archiving.  Your team members have instant access to every message they’ve ever sent or received.   Managers set central control of Email retention policies.  (Note: Archive begins at cutover date for this service; archiving of past email is available at a separate one-time cost, details available on request)

Email Archiving Benefits:

  • Reduced costs to store Email.
  • A lighter load for your Exchange Server results in faster Outlook behavior. 
  • Greater productivity as you staff may access archived E-Mail in real-time without the need for technical support intervention.
  • No more deletion of potentially important Email by employees or hoarding of Email in expensive Outlook archive (Microsoft PST) storage
  • Never risk loss of your important data due to server, storage, budgetary, or mailbox constraints.
  • Essentially “bottomless” mailboxes for end users.
  • Personal Email archive access from Microsoft Outlook via the standard Outlook interface
  • 'Drag and drop' between Outlook and Mimecast archive
  • Near real-time search
  • Familiar personal folder structures presented in our secure webmail interface
  • Personal E-Mail archive access included via mobile devices; Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry


Email Add-on services available:

Archive Power Tools

  • Replicates mailbox folders to provide users with a familiar structure when searching their personal E-Mmail archive from the Personal Portal or from within Outlook.

BlackBerry Continuity

  • Extends Email continuity function to BlackBerry users.  This provides continuous email access during outages of either Exchange or the Blackberry servers.

From our clients ...

“You will laugh but your response time is faster than our own internal group's. We really appreciated it when MPA advised and acted on the Nimda virus attack in September before our own IT group even reported it.”

Debbi Harman, Office Manager 
Boston Scientific Quanam






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