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Quiz – Can you Find the Malicious Email?

Can you Spot the Malicious Emails/s?!


After reading through our Cryptolocker and Ransomware blog series and learning how to identify a malicious email, it’s time to put your new virus sleuthing skills to the test.

Read through the list of email subject lines and from names below.  Which email/s  are scams, and which are safe? Please feel free to comment below. We will post the answers in our next blog post.

Note: These are all real emails we have either seen, received, or that have gotten stuck in our firewall – we did not make them up.

Warning: This is more difficult than you think!

The Quiz


“How are things?”  –   from Barrey jewall

“OUR REF: FGN/SNT/ST011/013”  –  from IN CANADA

“UPS parcel notification”  –  from UPS Inc.

“Merchant Statement”  –  Citibank

“You’ve Been Selected! Mystery Shopper Job Offer !”  –  from CNOOC e-Recruit

“Your order #NR4471 has been completed”  –  from American Airlines

“Important Alert”  –  from ACH Payment

“Notification From the Desk of Zaid Ibrahim & Co. Chambers” –  from Zaid Ibrahim

“Transfer Report”  –  from NACHA

“Track your parcel”  –  from FedEx Information

“USPS Shipment Status NO#3355”  –  from FedEx Information

“Your friend Masama”  –  from Barrey jewall

“USPS Invoice copy NO#34253538”  –  USA Postal Service

“eFax message from “4082459385”. 1 page(s). Caller-ID: 408-245-9385″  –  eFax

“Courier Postal Service returned the parcel to the office”  – Postal Service

“United Parcel Service notification”  –  United Parcel Service

“Post Express Office. Error in delivery address. NR22185”  –  from “Post Express Notification” m

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Don’t be a victim!

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