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Posts from January, 2014

Want Information Technology with Strong ROI? Take this Critical First Step.

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Escape the Dreaded ‘IT Money Pit’

Information Technology is the backbone of modern business – it is the infrastructure on which businesses run and employees work. It is the wheel that keeps everything rolling smoothly. As such, it makes perfect sense our IT should be reliable and contribute to solid ROI.

IT Money Pit

Does dealing with your IT systems ever feel like this?

Problems arise when a business does not put care or priority into effectively managing their technology systems, and instead falls into the “IT Money Pit,” a very deep, VERY expensive hole that can be difficult to climb out of. The last thing any business owner wants to do  is spend countless hours and dollars fixing broken systems (which will probably break again shortly after – whoops!), exhaustively trying to determine why things aren’t working properly, and just generally cursing at a blank computer screen.

We’ve all been there, many times, and it seriously stinks! It’s expensive, it’s frustrating, it’s downright Hellish dealing with an IT nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be that way! We’re here to help you see the light!


Let your Business Technology “Give Back,” Rather than Take

IT giving backYour business technology has the potential to actually give back to your business, as opposed to wasting precious resources.

With the right tools and know-how, IT will not only be reliable, but will contribute to greater business output and more $$$.

Yes, that’s right – more dollars, cash money, dinero, mullah. Who doesn’t want more of that?

With the right business technology systems and management, you will have more money in your pocket at the end of the year than would ever be possible in that icky money pit alternative, AND you will see increased overall workplace productivity at the same time.

How’s that for a sweet double whammy.

The Critical first step to Achieving High-ROI Information Technology

The absolute most critical first step on your quest for high-ROI IT nirvana is to find an experienced IT Advisor.  We repeat – find an IT Advisor!

IT Advisor Business PartnerAnd we’re not talking about any old computer geek – you need a strategic and experienced IT professional who not only understands computers, but who understands business, well.  An IT professional who actually wants to save you money long term by developing more effectual and reliable systems.  A true business partner.

This person or team should have extensive experience within your industry and intimately understand your greatest concerns and goals, not only from an IT standpoint, but from a business  perspective as well.

People, NOT products, are the key to high-ROI Information Technology.

Think of an IT Advisor like a Financial or Investment Advisor. These two roles have many similarities. Unless a person is fully confident in her ability to manage her money and investments on a regular basis, she prefers to entrust her assets to the guidance and support of an expert advisor. The Investment Advisor requires an initial investment on the client’s part for his time and services, but can (hopefully) deliver greater return on the client’s investments than would have been possible otherwise.

Productive Employees

Leverage IT to get the most from your employees

An IT Advisor operates in much the same way: An IT Advisor knows how to manage IT for the greatest reliability and overall return on its initial investment. The IT Advisor is a master at effectively planning for the future and avoiding money pits that may be looming down the road (which in turn saves you money).

And the IT Advisor can expertly strategize how to better leverage your IT to get the most from your company’s most important investment – its people.

As with anything else, if you’re not an IT expert and don’t feel confident managing the many facets of your company’s IT systems, stop spinning your wheels.

Find a killer IT Advisor pronto!

If you’re located in San Francisco, the Bay Area, San Mateo, San Jose, Redwood City, Palo Alto, or Menlo Park,  give us a shout at MPA today! We’ll set you up with a no-obligation consultation to determine how best to maximize your company’s IT productivity and overall ROI. These are our particular specialties, and with 30 years under our belts, we have the experience to make it happen.

As always, be IT-strong! 🙂



The Remarkable Truth about Information Technology and your ROI

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Eye on Digital TechnologyIf we asked you a very simple question — what is Information Technology? —  how would you respond?  What would come to mind?

We’re guessing you would focus on computers, flashing lights, monitor screens, and server rooms, right?  Perhaps even throw in printers, phone systems, and mobile devices – really any apparatus that can be found in an office.

While these are all physical components of IT, they do not get at the real purpose behind Information Technology.  They do not answer the very simple question, just what is information technology?

Information Technology is a Tool


Like this shovel, IT is a tool used to increase productivity.

At its core, Information Technology is a tool.   And not just any tool — IT is a powerful tool meant to increase business productivity, employee efficiency, and overall Return on Investment.

IT is a tool with which we are able to do our jobs better and perform at a higher level of productivity than would ever be possible without it.  Compared to the business processes of 100 years ago, current technology systems allow us to perform at unprecedented efficiency levels – to create more, sell more, grow larger and more profitable year after year.  Information Technology is not simply a static  fixture of the modern-day office, but has a direct and profound influence on ROI.



The Truth about IT and Return on Investment

Ready for a radical notion??

The remarkable truth is that IT is really not about technology at all.  The bits and bytes of technology mean absolutely nothing if they can’t influence a positive payback.

More than anything else, Information Technology is about Return on Investment!

As with any tool, there is a cost to purchase and manage IT, but these systems should contribute to a higher level of return than would be possible without them.  ROI should be the #1 concern when managing your business IT.

Why is this a Radical Notion?

IT guy

This guy may be able to fix your computer when it crashes, but is he dedicated to increasing your overall ROI?

The ROI argument  is such a radical notion because by and large, the people who work in the computer service profession have a technical focus — not a business focus. Most computer service professionals only understand the bits and bytes of technology — not how to use them for greater business efficiency and increased ROI.

Most IT service is merely reactive (a technician is called when something breaks, for example) and focused entirely on physical technology service. We believe IT service should be proactive and focused more on business than anything else. Your IT Service Team should be trusted business advisors, dedicated to improving your business’ productivity and overall Return on Investment.


We urge you to challenge any preconceived notions you have about IT and focus your technology thinking and decision making entirely on ROI. If you need a specialized IT Advisor to help guide you and are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, or on the SF Peninsula, please get in touch with us today.

Stay tuned for our next article covering the critical first step in achieving high ROI from your Information Technology.


Resolve to Maximize IT Productivity in 2014!

Thursday, January 16th, 2014


The new year’s festivities have come and gone, and for better or worse, it’s time to get back in the saddle. This first month back at work is the perfect time to consider business goals for the coming year and determine how to make your business more productive, profitable, and enjoyable for you and your employees. 

One excellent way to get started with these important resolutions is to consider your organization’s IT Productivity and how it is impacting business efficiency, profitability, and office culture. IT Productivity is an often overlooked, yet crucial element to your business’ continued growth and success.

What is IT Productivity?

IT Productivity is the relationship between an organization’s IT systems and their effect on overall business productivity and ROI. The purpose of our information technology is to help us perform our jobs better and more efficiently than we could without it. If our IT is not contributing to greater efficiencies and ease of work, it is time to consider why and what can be done to influence a positive change.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your organization’s IT hinder or help your overall business processes? Are your employees able to perform their work efficiently and reliably with these systems?
  • Does your IT help contribute to greater organizational ROI, or are these systems hindering profits? In other words, is the cost of purchasing and mainting these IT systems mitigated by a positive return on their investment, or are they eating up money without helping you turn a profit, grow your business, keep your business running smoothly, etc?
  • Is your IT reliable and a joy to use, or do your employees constantly complain about its inability to keep up with their needs?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when considering overall IT Productivity.

IT Does Matter!


It is not wise to underestimate the impact information technology can have on business efficiency and your bottom line.  Unreliable and faulty IT systems make it difficult for people to do their jobs efficiently and will eventually lose you money.  Conversely, fancy IT systems which dazzle your users but never influence a solid return on their investment may also lose you money, and may be unwise additions to your organization. These are personal and strategic decisions each business owner must consider for his or her own unique situation.

We recommend taking a few minutes this year to review your IT systems and consider the above questions. If you’re not sure about how your IT is impacting your overall business productivity or what can be improved upon, get in touch with an IT Productivity Consultant who can point you in the right direction. Here at MPA Networks, we’re always happy to help!

Here’s to a wonderful (and productive!) 2014!